Saturday November 8, 2008
Middletown High School South Theater
900 Nut Swamp Road
Middletown, NJ 07748
6:30 Showtime

The Beatlemania Benefit Concert, hosted by St. Leos Church turned out to be such an amazing night. So many people came out to support our family, and celebrated my 100 day mark with us with a great night of music.

This part of my website captures the whole event, with pictures and video clips. So those of you who couldn't make it can get an idea of the event and those of you who were there can reflect! Enjoy!
Here's the lobby area as we were getting it ready before the show. We had some amazing gift baskets donated by some very generous people! We had:
(3) Wine Baskets (Each valued at more than $100 and is filled with 4 bottles of fine wine, 2 glasses, and many other goodies!) (Donated by Frederick Wildman & Sons)
1  Beatlemania Basket  (Valued at $150.  Comes with the Beatles Anthology book, Across The Universe DVD, Beatles Mug, 2 Beatles Collectors Pins, 2 Lucien Deal With It      pins, 1 Beatlemania Stage Show shirt (which can be traded that night for any size), and Luciens album Deal With It and single, Electric Train.
1  Guitarist Basket (Valued at $100)  Includes one Boss Distortion pedal, guitar cable, guitar strap, string winder, pick holder,  Fender California Clear Pick Pack, 4 Sparkle picks, Ernie Ball strings, 2 Lucien Deal With It pins, Deal With It CD, Electric Train CD (Donated by Monmouth Music)
1   iPod Basket (Valued at $200)
Includes an iPod Nano and $60 in iTunes gift cards! (Donated by the AzevedoFamily)
1 Silpada & Longeberger Basket (Valued at $150) (Doanted by Mary

(Left) My Uncle, Dick St. Jean was the MC of the night and did a wonderful job!

(Right) Before the theater doors were opened, people filled the lobby and checkout out all the raffles and goodies.

Lucien and I performed the opening act of the night, doing acoustic versions of songs from out latest album, Deal With it. Before we began, Lucien gave a short speech thanking everyone for all of their support through this time.

We performed Deal With It, Message For Peace, Childhood Friend and Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. 
For our last song of the opening act, the band joined to perform Give Em A Fight, which we really wanted to perform since it has so much relevance to what we're going through.

Swords were handed out to the audience, and we asked them to participate in "Raise the sword!"
(Check out the song to see what I'm talking about!)

(Above) Jon and I rock out while Lucien rips through his solo!

(Below) Lucien sings, "Raise the sword!"
(Above and bottom center) Lucien and I doing our 'thang'

(Below) Lucien, Joe and I getting ready for the crash ending!
Act I of Beatlemania Stage Show took the stage and the audience went wild!

(Right) Joe gets the crowd pumpin' for Day Tripper!

(Bottom Left) Jon and Jess harmonize in This Boy.
Act I of Beatlemania Stage Show
Give Em A Fight!
Opening Act
Setting Up
Intermission: Raffle Winners!
During the intermission, Uncle Dick and I picked the winners of the gift basket raffles, and the two super 50/50s.
I was happy to see some people that I know win some of the baskets.

(Left) Uncle Dick and I picking winners.

(Right) After the winners were picked, I handed the bucket and winning tickets to Casie and Stef (the two best merchandise girls ever!)
Act II Beatlemania Stage Show
Act II kicks off with the Sgt. Pepper set of the show.

(Right) Jon takes a stroll down Penny Lane

(Bottom Left) Jess rocks to his Taxman

(Bottom Middle) Joe gets by With A Little Help From His Friends

(Bottom right) Lucien gets the audience singing along in Hide Your Love Away.
Act III Beatlemania Stage Show
Act III of Beatlemania Stage Show is the "End of An Era" set.

(Right) Lucien encourages everyone to Come Together

(Bottom left) Jon and Jess perform Hey Jude

Encore! Twist and Shout!
The crowd was roaring for an encore when the band was introduced back to the stage after their outstanding performance.

As a special surprise, I was introduced back to the stage and performed a rockin' Twist and Shout with Beatlemania Stage Show, to end the evenings celebrations!

We left the stage and bolted to the lobby where the band autographed pictures, shirts, cds and swords!!! It was great to get to thank everyone personally for coming and supporting us.

It felt so great to perform again, it's been so long, I was going through 'performance withdrawal'. I really missed the stage.

It was also great to take back my role as stage manager and run around like a crazy woman, I love it!


(All Pictures On This Page Taken By Robert Ritter)
(Above) My friend Amy insisted
we pose for a picture together,
and I finally gave in! (I'm not too
comfortable taking my picture
with the steroid face)
(Above) Dad, me and Mom posing after the show!