April 14, 2011 (Thursday) : Living It Up In Lincroft
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April 14, 2011 (Thursday)

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Oh my goodness it has been WAY too long since I've gotten on here! I have not forgotten about all of you! I can honestly say that life has been that crazy busy!!! I've totally had ups and down's in the past few months, but now, as spring arrives, things are all looking great!

     Most of the time I was actually sick with a "mystery illness"... it was a runny nose, cough, tired, sickness that lasted for about three months! Literately, I was sick from the day before Thanksgiving until late February!! We tried one round of antibiotics, a Z-Pack, but that didn't do anything. A week later we tried another, stronger antibiotic did nothing! Two weeks later, the doctor tried Leviquin AND a Z Pack at the SAME time (woah.. that's a cocktail!) and still, I couldn't kick this cold. SO, after a lot of kicking and screaming on my behalf, my oncologist made me come in for a blood transfusion of immune globins to raise my immune system since I just wasn't kicking this thing. What a horrible experience, I mean, my nurses were great, but being stuck in a hospital bed for 9 hours, attached to an IV pole sure did bring back some nasty memories. Thankfully, that did the trick and a few days later (and hearing some "I told you so's" from the doctor I finally got better.

      Other than that, blood work has been looking great! So my appointments are getting more and more stretched apart... which is nice to not have to trek up to north Jersey every few weeks, but also a little scary to not have my counts checked. This stretch I'm on now will be an 8 week stretch... a little TOO long for my liking, but I suppose they have confidence that will be okay : )

      On the home front, I have some wicked exciting news. After 8 long years of not getting behind the wheel, I've started driving again!! I felt like I needed to become more helpful when it comes to errands, and getting the kids around, and stop being "the patient". So I went and test drove some cars... I totally needed something SMALL, because I have zero perception of where a car starts and ends (ask my step sons, they'll tell you about the time I drove over the curb with them in the car, c'mon guys, let me forget about that!). SO, I ended up with the most adorable car, a green Nissan Cube!!! :::ahhh::: It's love : ) It's been amazing to pick up Luciana at school, music blaring, singing my lungs out, and just feeling great! I love that I can run to the grocery store, or the bank, wherever (as long as it's not too far)... It's really been liberating in a sense. I was even able to sign up Luciana for Ballet classes, because I know I can get her there and back without asking Lucien to take more time out of his long work day.

      I can't believe it's going to be May. More so, I am in shock that I'm going to be 27!!! I feel like an adult! Which I guess I should by now! It's just crazy, looking back almost 10 years ago, a 17 year old version of myself, falling in love with Lucien, making huge like choices, starting off in a one room apartment with some guitars, clothes, a bed and a plug in burner to cook on... to where we've come... two beautiful children who are the most precious gift I could have ever dreamed of, a loving husband who has been there and will be there and is my everything, my soul, my mate, my everything, my love, my complete life, a beautiful house with a lawn and a pool and a purple living room in a beautiful town, our music lesson business that is growing by leaps and bounds with the best clients in the world who make everyday fun to work for them, oh my god the list could go on FOREVER of all the amazing people, all the amazing things, everything that I am SHOCKED and THANKFUL for every single day... I constantly sit and think... "How the heck did a 17 year old kid get to right here, right now?" I am so lucky, and so proud of everything that we have achieved as a family in these short 10 years, and most of all, I am so thankful that I fought hard enough, and am here to see the fruits of all of our hardships and labors over the years. Man, we had to work for every single thing we own, every experience we get to live, and every dream we get to look forward to. I don't take one day, one minute, one second, NOTHING for granted. Every day that I can hug my children, kiss my husband and know that our family has an amazing limitless future to come, I am so thankful. I love you all! :::HUGS::::

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