April 8, 2010 (Thursday) : Living It Up In Lincroft
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April 8, 2010 (Thursday)

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Spring is here!! It's amazing to me that as soon as this warm weather arrived, and I took in my first deep breath of spring for the year, it immediately gave me a flash back of when I first was diagnosed and hospitalized, and that first time being released from the hospital after a month. I'll never forget taking those first deep breaths of the unfamiliar warm air, the smell of spring, after being stuck in a hospital room for 5 weeks. It’s a hopeful smell, and wonderful feeling to be wrapped in the warmth of the sunshine, and knowing the spring is here!

     And it is that memory that gives me the strength to take normal life "bumps in the road" in stride. This past month was full of mini mountains for our family - hurdle after hurdle, but I'll take each one of these tests from the world, and go step out on the back porch and breath in springtime air and know that everything will work out. - And oh, what a month it's been!

    This month was crazy. A few weeks ago when we had the big wind storms, we lost power for 5 days. It wasn't part of the grid though, it was the wires on the side of our house which were corroded, and the storm just finished off their lifespan. So we had "partial power" coming in... we could run about 2 over head lights in the house, had NO heat, and were having power surges. It wouldn't have been too bad, we were dealing kinda of okay, until we had several mini fires break out with burning power strips around the house in the middle of the night. We caught them all in time thank goodness! When the storm was over, and everything was accessed, we lost $150 worth of power strips, our heating unit to the house needed to be repaired, and we lost our front loader gas dryer; so the whole storm put us in the hole for around $1500.

     That was the beginning of the month... moving on; my eyes haven't gotten any better. At the beginning of March they started hurting like I have sand in them almost every day. The pain starts in the afternoon, and by the end of the day is so unbearable that I can't even watch TV some nights. So despite using artificial tears eye drops, they are not improving at all. My oncologist says this is probably a form of graft vs. host disease, and that I need to have them looked at by a specialist immediately. Well, I finally made an appointment for this Thursday.. (That’s my version of immediately... 2 months) we'll see how that goes. I may need a medicated drop for them, but we shall see.

     This Monday was the scare of all scares however. I went for my normal appointment in the morning, had blood work, saw the Doctor, and came home. When we got home (a 45 minute drive), there was a message on the machine "Sheri, you need to go to the emergency room or come back here immediately due to a level in your blood work"... woah.. So, we tried to stay calm, we lined up babysitters for the day, arranged for my friend Mya to drive me back up to north Jersey to the Cancer Center, and I packed a bag assuming that this would turn into an overnight stay.

     I got there, and they immediately were waiting for me at the door, brought me into the room and did an AKG. My potassium level was reading a 6.8 - which is high risk for immediate cardiac arrest. They did the blood work and had me wait, telling me that I was probably getting admitted. An hour later the results were back and my potassium was normal - the original test was false. They explained that this can happen sometimes when they use a smaller needle, the blood can crystallize and give false reading... so.. I called my father in law for a ride home... and finally got back home around 6 p.m. What a scare... it was a feeling I haven't had to feel in a really long time, and it was horrible. I was so mentally exhausted from this whole day... but at least it was a false alarm.  We're just about over the scare, but it took us a few days to move on from the "nerves".  Now I'm **petrified** of the eye doctor appointment on Thursday... I'll update to let you all know how that turns out, and what this eye problem is that I'm having.

     OH and the good news of the month... I'm off of the Cellcept for a whole week now. This means no more compromised immune system!! Hopefully my liver levels stay normal so I can stay off the Cellcept!! : )

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