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December 17, 2009 (Thursday)

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

     I can't believe it's almost Christmas! It's so crazy to me that a whole year has gone by already. I love this time, I love the decorations, the festive mood, the tree, the movies, the music, everything about this whole season.

        Medically, it's been a little crazy... I had an appointment this past Monday, which seems to be the schedule they were trying to get me on (monthly). Unfortunately, my sickness hasn't gotten any better in over a month. I think I've actually been sick closer to two months almost... I have a cough, runny nose, and a constant coughing up of phlegm and fun stuff like that. A day or two before Thanksgiving my doctor had called to see if I could come to get the H1N1 vaccine (which I still don't agree with at all), and I told him at that point that I was sick. So he prescribed an antibiotic, as well as Tamiflu just as a preventative measure. Of course there were all kinds of problems getting the antibiotic filled, and it took like an extra week to get it. I finished the courses of both of those... and I'm *still* sick!

    So when I was there Monday, they wanted to give me the H1N1… they had only received 100, and had saved one for me... (how lucky?). I told them I was still sick, and it was a big debate if I should get it. So, they decided to give it to me,.. (side note, I made it through without crying!! major accomplishment!). Then he wanted to schedule alllllll these other tests to see what's going on, he wanted a chest x ray, and a catscan.... to which I had to basically refuse and beg to put off. The cost of these tests is so crazy, especially a catscan, so I begged to put it off another week or so, and he agreed.

    Tuesday I got a call from the oncologist's office, saying that I need to come back for repeat blood work because my liver function test came back high. Great.  The reason for this could be because I'm fighting a viral infection, or could be a problem post-transplant. So we need to see what's going on with that, and I have repeat blood work for that this coming Monday... something nice and festive to do Christmas week I guess...... ::sigh::

        The cherry on the cake was when I got another call today from them.... turns out my antibodies in my system are really low, which is probably why I'm not getting any better. SO they want me to come up there and get an IV treatment of a transfusion of antibodies. It's basically like any other blood transfusion, only instead of receiving red cells, or white cells, I would be receiving the donors antibodies.... how long does this take? Oh, well, an hour to get there, an hour and a half to get going, 5 hours of transfusion and an hour home..... NOT exactly gonna work in my schedule too easily...... they did say that it could wait until after the new year, which is good, so I'm hoping and praying that I can somehow recover and start producing some antibodies of my own!!!!

    On the positive side, I'm so happy Christmas is almost here. I had a little photo shoot with Adrian and Luciana in their Christmas outfits... they did so good, and were so behaved! And I'm super excited to see my family next week!! I can't wait!!! I hope everything works out and I get better on my own, that's my Christmas wish!!  If I don't get a chance to come back on here, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Love to you all!!!!! : ) Thank you for another amazing year of being such loving and supportive family and friends!!

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