February 15, 2012 (Wednesday) : Living It Up In Lincroft
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February 15, 2012 (Wednesday)

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

I honestly have NO idea how a whole year passed and I didn't get on to blog or journal once! I guess that is a good sign for my recovery if things are that slow in the medical end of things. SO much has gone on since last April, all good thankfully!

     Last year we added a few members to the family... 4 puppies! We have Francine (the Schnoodle), Gigi (the Shih Tzu), Pierre (the Shih Tzu) and Penelope (the Boston Terrier). They are like babies to me, which is funny, because I was getting the "baby" bug, and since I can't have any more children due to the menopause that my treatments put me into, the puppies are the next closest thing! I love them dearly, and it definitely feels like it was always meant to be that they're here. I've fallen head over heels for them! It's been a learning experience since I never had a dog before.

     In our work life things are great as well. My husband’s new album was released in November. "EvoLucien" is doing awesome and we've been busy with promotions, music videos, interviews, touring, etc. It's a crazy roller coaster ride and I love every second of it. This album was extra cool for me even though I didn't get to sing or perform on the music end; the album is a concept album complete with a story line and a huge 24 page booklet. For this album, I was able to create 3 pieces of artwork for the booklet to illustrate the story line, so I spent months working on the three pieces in a tedious form of ink work called Pointillism (the entire picture is made of tiny dots).                        I spent hundreds of hours creating these pieces and am so proud of them now that they're published.

     Medically speaking, things are smooth. My blood work has been perfect (in the words of my Oncologist). My eyes are the same with the chronic dry eye. I still have the tear duct plugs in, and I still have to use Restatis and Bactracim (ointment) twice a day, but without it I can't stand the pain of the dryness. I also had to visit the OBGYN this year because of other issues caused by the dryness of Menopause. The problem with this dryness is that I'm at a high risk of infection, so he wanted me to start an estrogen cream to moisten things up a little. I fully intended on using it until I read the fine print... "women who have had cancer previously are at a higher risk of developing uterine cancer, breast cancer, and other cancers when using this product.". Um, no thanks? Other than that, medically I am well :)

     The kids are getting big, Adrian is in the third grade at Lincroft Elementary School. He also started Ballet this year and it has been amazing for him! It's great for him to work on focusing and controlling his body movements. Luciana is 4 and in her last year of preschool. It's depressing to think of next fall when she starts Kindergarten and she won't be home until 3:20 in the afternoon - I'll miss having lunch with her every day.

      So, as you can see, life is pretty normal (as normal as ours can be!). I'm amazed that things are back to routine and am thankful every day for the chance to be here on this earth, with my beautiful children, my soul mate Lucien, my little puppies.. the whole deal. I breathe every breath of air with appreciation for this beautiful chance to live life to the fullest.

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