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I'm Still Here... Just Busy Living & Slacking on Blogging

by Sheri Nocelli on 09/15/14

I logged into my website manager today, to see how people are finding my website (what key words they are using, what internet browser, etc). and saw that someone looked me up by searching "Sheri Nocelli Obituary". This is when I realized.. maybe I should update the blog! Yikes!

Life has been moving at lightening speed. This past July I celebrated my 6 year Bone Marrow Transplant Anniversary in a quiet way. So quiet, that I didn't even make a Facebook post to my close family. I just let the day slide under the radar, and it felt wonderful to commemorate the date in such a laid back manner.

This May was another HUGE mile stone for me... I turned 30 years old. I'm not going to lie.. the months leading up to this birthday were a little crazy! I started realizing that I'm an adult, getting older, not a young spring chicken any more. Everyone was telling me to calm down, 30 is nothing. But, for some reason, it felt so BIG to me. I eventually got over it, and am learning to embrace my new age.. it's only a number. 

Medically speaking, I am doing really well. My blood counts have been spot on, my energy is great, no new changes in the Osteoporosis. I still get a full physical and blood work up every 8 weeks with my oncologist. My only ongoing ailment continues to be my eyes. This year has been rough with them, they hurt all the time from the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep. They are constantly red, irritated and burning. No one around me really knows this except for Lucien and the people I work with. I can't tell you the amount of times I hear, "Wow, you look tired" and fun comments like that. I usually brush it off, but sometimes I'm at the end of my rope and react with a snarky remark, "Yeah, I tend to look like this given the fact I don't make tears anymore and am in constant pain." (I can usually hold back from this comment however). 

Adrian turned 11 this summer and started Middle School which makes no sense to me whatsoever! I have no idea how I have a 6th grader! Luciana turned 7 and started second grade. I don't have babies anymore! I'm so proud of the little people they're becoming.

I have to say a big Thank You to everyone who sends me Facebook messages, E-Mails, Signs the Guestbook on this website... everyone who reaches out to share their own story with me. I have become a mentor to several young women through the internet, and feel blessed to get to know each and everyone of you, and be there for you on your Cancer journey. I am happy to hear that through this blog, and my memoir, that I am able to spread hope & positive vibes to all of you. Thank YOU for allowing my story to inspire you, and opening your hearts up to me as I have shared with you. It's a lovely circle of human energy I never dreamed I would experience in my lifetime. To all of you warrior-friends - keep up your fight, there is so much life for you to live, and purpose for you to fulfill in this world!

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