January 16, 2010 (Saturday) : Living It Up In Lincroft
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January 16, 2010 (Saturday)

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Happy 2010 everyone!!! What a whirlwind the past month has been. First of all, Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone!! 2010 has a lot of good in store, and I truly believe that. 2009 was cool, but it's time to move on to bigger and better and brighter things!

     Health wise it's been a little rocky for me this past month. I was sick from Thanksgiving, until about.. oh, a week ago.. it was a virus that I just couldn't kick. The symptoms were a runny nose and coughing up mucus.. always fun! The good thing was that no one else could catch it, so it must have just been something everyone is immune to - except me! My oncologist tested my antibodies, and as it turned out, I had basically none (or a very low level) and told me I would need a blood transfusion of antibodies. Fun! Nothing like sitting for 5 hours with a drip when that's the last place in the world you want to be.

     My liver function also came back with abnormally high function levels, so we had to do some repeat blood work a couple times, and adjust the meds by putting me back on the Cellcept. The function could be high from the virus, but we are watching because it could also be from long term graft versus host disease (with we are always watching for!). But, overall, for a year and a half post bone marrow transplant, I am doing fairly well! : )

       Christmas was amazing this year, it was so much fun, and I was soooo happy to see my family again. We had a great time hanging out and playing games..hehe.. the kids were so precious waiting for Santa, just amazing, I love that time of year sooo much! We were very light on gifting this year, and the great thing was that no one seems to notice.. The kids were more than happy when they opened underwear or clothes... we tried to be extra practical!

     The festive season had a downfall however... a few days after Christmas, once my parents were back home in New Hampshire already, my mom Diane suffered a stroke. She was smart though, (thats mom!) : ) and drove herself right to the hospital (since she was driving when the stroke happened). She is doing well now, getting stronger every day. She spent a week in the hospital in Lebanon NH, then moved to a rehab center in Concord where she will be for at least 2 weeks. It's a long journey for her; she has to re learn how to do everything like walking, washing, dressing, writing, cooking, and basic everyday skills. She's a trooper though, and her spirits are high... like mother like daughter!

     This year I will try to post more often on here about my recovery and all the details. This is such an important year... in July I will be 2 years post-transplant and do you know what that means.........???? If my donor agrees, we can know who each other is!!!!!! I'm so excited for that!!

     It's been a long recovery with many many, many forks in the road and twists and turns... but here's to getting on the highway and kicking all of the long term side effects of all the treatments I've had in the butt in 2010… Happy New Year to everyone, I love you all so much!!

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