Journal - April 13, 2009 (Monday) Day +275 : Living It Up In Lincroft
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Journal - April 13, 2009 (Monday) Day +275

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

It's been a long time again since I've updated on here, things have been really nutty! I'll start with today's doctor appointment and go back in time.. !  Today went well; my white counts are back to where they should be!!! All the prayers made that happen. I've been so worried about the low count from a few weeks ago, that hearing that news today lifted a ton of weight off my shoulders. We lowered my Prograf - now I'll only take 1/2 pill every day! I am so excited for that! The fewer pills I'm on, the closer I am to being done with this.

     The past two weeks has been amazing. We've had such quality family time, which is all I want. Last weekend we had my step sons, Lucien and Justen over. We celebrated Easter with them, they got baskets, and we made Easter cookies all day. On Palm Sunday we got all dressed up and went to Lucien's parents’ house for dinner. We had a beautiful day there, and got to see some family. It was a lot of fun. I really can't believe how big the boys are getting!

      Easter weekend was very relaxing. Our tradition is to stay home in jammies just the four of us and do nothing fancy on Easter, and that's just what we did. Saturday night we got out and ran some errands. I was in need of clothes that fit (again). Because I am not yet back to the size I was "pre-cancer" but less than I was in November "steroid weight". I'm almost back into my shape, but not quite. So I had nothing to wear, no pants, no shirts, nothing that fits my current size. So we went to Marshals and I got some staple pieces to get me by. I hate buying clothes for myself; I always end up browsing the children's department!!  I browse a lot and don't buy anything, like a quasi-shopaholic... maybe more like a browse-a-holic. Anyway!

     Sunday morning we all woke up to our Easter baskets!! Luciana got lots of fun girly things like hair ties, and princess dvds, and an Ariel float for the pool, Adrian got Bubbles, Magic School Bus Books and a word puzzle (for my little puzzle nut that he is). Lucien got a Les Paul book that I got for him and some Snickers, his favorite, and I got my ALL TIME favorite... Cadbury Eggs (Full and mini size), Pink Peeps, and **blush** Yes, I got a Barbie for the pool... I'm such a kid it's not even funny!! But truthfully, I have a blast playing Barbie’s with the kids, it brings me right back to childhood. 

      The egg hunt was amazing, the kids were so excited, their little faces, running around, I can't believe I didn't get this last year. I was in the hospital last Easter, and I never want to be apart from my children again like that, they were so happy, jumping and yelling for their eggs!

      The rest of the day we went outside to get some landscaping done. Well, I'm not supposed to be in the sun, or get close to dirt or plants... okay, so I didn't listen to any of those rules. (I did wear a hoodie though, so my head didn't get any sun). Lucien did all the mulching, weeding, and heavy stuff. I started out by pruning the bushes... but all who know me know I do too much. I pruned to my heart’s desire! I LOVE WORKING OUTSIDE, so I really took my time and did a great job. Was I done? Nope! Then I went over and laid some stepping stones in the rocks around the pool, which was leveling and digging and dirt and worms ... yep, everything I shouldn't have done. But I did it all with big smile on my face to be digging my gloves into the earth. I loved every second! Then Lucien and I put the kids to bed, pigged out on Easter candy and watched King of Kings... classic.

     Fast forward to today... I AM SO SORE!!!!! I can barely walk; my thighs hurt so much, my hands hurt from the pruning, UGH!  And forget bending over to pick anything up.... OUCH!!! I guess my body just isn't used to doing these things... and lesson learned, I have to take things in stride, and rebuild my strength... trust me, lesson learned!

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