Journal - December 1, 2008 (Monday) Day +132 : Living It Up In Lincroft
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Journal - December 1, 2008 (Monday) Day +132

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Whew, what a week! Or... half a week since I've written on here I think. Thanksgiving was wonderful; it was low key and just a lot of fun. We spent it with Lucien's parents, just the 6 of us. Some family stopped in at different parts of the day which was nice to see everyone, but no one stayed very long. Dinner was fabulous and then we all sat around watching the Dallas Cowboys kick butt!!

      The weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night Mya and I played some mad Piñata Garden on the Xbox 360, it was a blast. That game is so addicting it's not even funny! Then Saturday I went with Lucien to Philadelphia where he was performing with Beatlemania. We had a lot of fun, we always do, and it's always fun to see people we don't see all the time.

      The two shows went great, but it was a really long day. At least we were home fairly early, 12 on the nose! A babysitter had watched Adrian and Luciana all day, she's great with them, and they love her so much. All Adrian talked about all week was the babysitter coming on the weekend. And Luciana is talking up a storm herself! She's 19 months old and has already started saying phrases like, "It's stuck", "This is down!", "Baby go?" and a few others. She's amazing. We watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Sunday for the first time with the kids, and they were both glued to the TV, even though Adrian had a hard time looking at the Bumble snow monster! Very cute.

     This morning was my doctor appointment. Lucien and Luciana came with me today. Luciana was afraid that *she* as seeing the doctor, and kept saying "No okay!" when we told her it was okay! We did get good news that at this point there is not only no sign of Leukemia, but there is no sign of the molecular abnormality either. This is major! But we have to keep a close eye on my percentage of me and donor. If it goes to any more than 5% of me in there, then we will have to act on it more aggressively. Let's hope that lowering the steroids will bring it back to 100% donor!!! This week I'm on 10 mg every other day and next week I drop to 5 mg every other day, then that's it on the prednisone!!!

     That's all for now, I'll update as soon as we have results on the blood tests they did today!

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