Journal - December 16, 2008 (Tuesday) Day +157 : Living It Up In Lincroft
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Journal - December 16, 2008 (Tuesday) Day +157

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Well it's about time for an update I think! Sorry I missed the normal Monday update, but I was so tired yesterday, I spent a lot of the day in bed resting. I did have a doctor appointment yesterday in the morning. Lucien and Luciana came with me to bring a tray of cookies to everyone in the office, and of course a special bottle of wine for my doctor for Christmas.

     The appointment went very well, and we got the news that we were all hoping and praying for... I am back to 100% donor cells! He said though that this is something we will be watching constantly for a while, but at least it went in the right direction right now! This was the news we were looking for heading into the holidays. We had a great visit with him and ended up talking about Christmas traditions more than anything else! He did tell me to be careful with the Christmas Eve Italian fish feast, so I'll make sure I stick to safe fish! I asked him if for this time we could stretch my next visit to 3 weeks instead of 2 because of the crazy holiday schedule, and he said that we could as long as I called him if I noticed anything different! I was *very* happy about this!

     Over the weekend we had Loosh and Justen over to celebrate our Christmas with them. Saturday morning I did a little photo shoot with them near the tree all dressed up, then Saturday night we had Grandpa's famous Italian sandwiches for dinner, then opened presents! We gave the boys all football stuff of their teams, Giants and Cowboys, which they love and have fun with. The boys gave Lucien a really cute ornament for the tree, and they gave me (with Lucien (Daddy's) help) my very own personalized Cowboys jersey so I'd have it for Sunday night’s game.

     After our mini Christmas celebrations we watched Rudolph and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. Adrian is still afraid of the Bumble; the poor thing! Luciana loves the movies and sits through them both mesmerized.

     On Sunday little Lucien and I made sugar cookies and gingerbread girls and boys. He loves helping me in the kitchen, and he really does help out a lot! He's 14, I can't believe what a little man he is. Sunday we all spent playing the X Box, we have such a good time playing that, its fun when we play a game that we all can compete on. It makes for some funny moments.

     This week should be pretty uneventful, hopefully. I've been very, very tired, to the point that if I don't sleep in until 10 or 11 every morning, I just can't make it throughout the rest of the day. So Lucien has had to do all the errands and banking and stuff, because I just need to rest in the mornings. But anyway, other than that, everything is good. I'm of course wearing my new football jersey as much as I can this week to support the boys! I love it so much, it even has my number “84”  for the year I was born!  Quite a win we had Sunday night I must say! I've said it before, and I'll say it again..... How ‘bout them Cowboys!

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