Journal - February 16, 2009 (Monday) Day +219 : Living It Up In Lincroft
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Journal - February 16, 2009 (Monday) Day +219

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Hey Everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! We haven't celebrated it yet; I think I'll send Lucien to Target tomorrow to get a heart of chocolates 75% off!

   I had my doctor appointment today, bright and early...! At least I knew who my driver from the medical transportation company was because I had him a few times now, so I was comfortable to sleep on the way to north Jersey.  Everyone in the office at the Cancer center today was in a really good mood and all smiles, which was nice, cause I was pooped and wanted to be in bed! So I cheered up and was joking with everyone... it was fun. They asked me to wait around to see how my blood results were, and turns out everything looked really good! The white, hemoglobin and platelets were all right where they should be. That is really good, because that means that my marrow is functioning and making blood like it should be. Awesome, awesome.  Last week they did the test to see what percentage of donor I am, but those results weren't back in yet. The great news is that we're going to start lowering my Prograf. That’s the med that makes me have no immune system, so I am really happy that we'll start lowering that. I take 2 mgs a day right now, and starting tomorrow I will lower to 1.5 a day.  And with that the doctor said that I am doing a great job!

    He was a little concerned about the reddish dark circles under my eyes, until I explained to him that I was shooting a music video yesterday and had to scrub off my eye makeup...  I wonder how many times he's heard *that* excuse?? I'm guessing..... once!

    We have finished shooting the video for No Rest which is reallllly exciting! We can't wait to see it done. We had a blast shooting, we really had a hard time holding back laughter we were having so much fun!

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