Journal - February 4, 2009 (Wednesday) Day +207 : Living It Up In Lincroft
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Journal - February 4, 2009 (Wednesday) Day +207

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Hey Everyone! My appointment this week went pretty good. I've lost 10 pounds since I've been to the doctor which is about 4 weeks (way too long! I should go every two!). Everything else went pretty well. My potassium was on the high side, so we figured out what foods in my diet are causing that which is tomato soup and soy sauce... the only things I can get down right now! They told me to keep eating them anyway, because they'd rather see my potassium high that me to not eat. The other news from there is that I cannot dye my hair pink like I wanted too! I'm upset about this, but they said it could trigger graft vs. host disease again, and I do not want to go through that again! They told me to stick to wigs, so that's the plan!

     Things are, as usual, crazy here. We're still trying to catch up financially, and it just seems we can't get there. There's always something going wrong. This week my printer bit the dust. Well, I use that every day for work, without a printer, I can't invoice any students, or print paperwork or anything. So I had to find an affordable solution which nothing is affordable according to our nonexistent budget. I keep forgetting that although I feel back to normal, I am not even close and I need to calm down and un-stress about things like this. I'm trying to,  when I look at the kids, and Lucien when he's sleeping at night, those are special moments that really hit me, how lucky I am to be back home, and how lucky I am to feel like my normal self - as stressful as that can be!

    This weekend we had a photo shoot to launch Lucien's new website look, usually the record company updates his website just prior to a new release, but this time it’s a re-launch of last year’s album Deal With It. So they ended up talking me into having photos too, and I'm so happy with their turnout! I'll post some here, of me with my orange Gretsch guitar, but check out Lucien's website to see all the new pics! I'm really comfortable now with my hair, I actually love it!  I'm looking forward to this weekend too, because we're starting the video shoot for No Rest (from Lucien's album Deal With It). This weekend we're starting shooting for that, and the video should be completed in a few weeks and then all over the web and TV. It's exciting, and hopefully is a sign of things picking up in a positive new direction for the year!

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