Journal - January 27, 2009 (Tuesday) Day +199 : Living It Up In Lincroft
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Journal - January 27, 2009 (Tuesday) Day +199

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Hey Everyone! Well I didn't end up going to the doctors yesterday, but I called and he said that he would call me back to reschedule later this week and not to worry about it. The only thing new around here is that I hurt my mcl ligament right above my left knee. It happened exactly one week ago, I woke up and was in a ton of pain! I limped around for a few days before finding out that it’s a ligament injury. From what I understand, the reason I got it was probably from trying to do too much too soon on weak leg muscles. Leave it to me! So now I have a knee brace, and have to elevate and ice it every night.. Not to mention that I'm limping around... always something!

    On the brighter side of things, Lucien finished the waiting room makeover for me this weekend. It looks so amazing, and just brightens my day to see the new color on the walls, I love it!

    The kids are great, Luciana is saying so many new things, like "I'm sorry"  "bless you" and "Ba-bie" (when I gave her a Barbie to play with!) She's something else. And Adrian was really funny with the painting going on; it must be really exciting for him too to see the new look after all these years!

    Speaking of a new look, this is the first week that my hair is long enough for me to wear it out without a hat or a wig. Everyone says they love it! And I do too!!

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