Journal - March 16, 2009 (Monday) Day +247 : Living It Up In Lincroft
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Journal - March 16, 2009 (Monday) Day +247

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Another weekend gone by. Things are okay, although everyone is sick. The kids are both sick, I think it's just that they both have little colds, and nothing more. But it's a pain because I really can't take care of them when they're sick, it’s way too risky for me. If I catch even the littlest cold, it could turn into something more severe really quickly and who knows what could happen from there. I feel so bad when they're sick, and I can't just hold them and comfort them.

   The weekend was a lot of fun; we had Lucien and Justen (my step sons) visiting for the weekend. When we have them over is the only real time that we 'take off' from working, and really just lounge out and play video games and get nothing done - it’s great. We celebrated my father in laws birthday Saturday. Here’s me in my fantastic apron baking brownies for the kids. (I got laughed at a fair amount for my apron, but I like it and that's all that matters!)

   We played Xbox most of the weekend. Sunday morning I got up really late out of bed, came downstairs and fell asleep for another 3 hours in the living room. I felt bad that I didn't get to game with them in that time, but I was exhausted for some reason. By the time night rolled around, I couldn't even help give the kids dinner, I was so exhausted and really not feeling good at all that I was stuck on the couch. We watched the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway, but didn't win... ah, next year I guess.

     I am thrilled that we finally have a gate across the driveway. We really couldn't afford it, but we didn't have a choice. If we wanted to open the pool this year, we needed a gate up to meet the pool code. We did have help though paying for it; otherwise I really don't know how it would have happened. We also have a student of ours who offered to help us building a garden wall around the pool to keep the rocks surrounding the pool. This is something we should have done 2 years ago, but ya’ know, with the year we had, there was no way. Lucien's way to busy juggling the kids and work and the house and everything, and I'm too weak to be of any help, so he offered to help, which I am sooooo thankful for!!!!! 

     I can't wait for the nice warm weather to come around, even though I can't be in the sun, I can sure sit in the shade and soak in the fresh air, and just enjoy the simple things. That's what it all about when it comes down to it.     Life is amazing – especially with my new found love – the FAUX HAWK! I am loving short hair, it’s actually very hard core rocker if you style it right!

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