Journal - March 21, 2009 (Saturday) Day +252 : Living It Up In Lincroft
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Journal - March 21, 2009 (Saturday) Day +252

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Ooohh... intriguing, I'm updating on a Saturday morning when I'm usually guzzling coffee and watching garden shows on HGTV...

      I have to update though, I got some pictures to post and some stories to tell! First off, I have to say, I'm so sick right now! I was up coughing all night, can't speak a word because my voice is history from coughing, but I really don't care and know I will get better soon. Life is too good right now; I know I'll get over this cold quickly.

     So last night, my best friend Mya, came to the school PTA casino night with me. Lucien couldn't come because he had a Beatlemania show in Wayne NJ. The tickets were donated to us to go, so I asked Mya to come with me.  We got all decked out, high heels, party dresses, shawls... all done up and ready to roll! It was so much fun to get all dressed up, what a great feeling! So we hit the road... a little too early of course... so we found a diner and parked out there for a minute.. ya’ know, I like to be on time... but not too early either.. (This I inherited straight from my parents!). So we got there and Wow, the country club was beautiful.

      So we walked around for a while, Mya was starving so she was on a mission for the spring rolls to come by, which they did occasionally. I figured out that if I stood right next to the kitchen door, I could grab off the tray before the waitress went out and the food got all breathed on (I'm still not supposed to have buffet or food that's out). So I stalked the kitchen door for a little while.

     Okay, so we got our chips which were given to us with the tickets, and we hit the tables!! It was so much fun since it wasn't real money. If we happen to win chips, then we'd cash them in for tickets towards the 100 gift baskets that were there! Mya did AWESOME, that girl can gamble man, she did great. I only tried Roulette... I played Lucien's favorite number, 14, twice... and hit it right on twice!!!!!  I've never gambled in any sense of the word... so that was so cool for me. So we won enough chips that we had like 12 sheets of tickets or something like that.

      Then we had dinner, the country club was really accommodating to me, and made me a plate of food in the kitchen, since I’m not allowed the buffet. They brought it to me at the table and made sure I was comfortable. I can't say enough about how wonderful the wait staff was to me. Dinner was awesome, and then we gambled a little more. Then... we hit the baskets!! I wanted everything, there was a Pool Opening, A Coach Bag, Tiffany Earrings, an American Doll, A Disney Trip for Four.... I went around like a mad woman; I wanted to win SO BAD!!! I never win anything!

     Sadly, one by one, a hundred baskets got raffled away to happy, jumping, smiling people, while I watched the Coach Bag go, the Pool Opening Go... everything I was wishing for. Then Mya and I were like, "Okay, so we didn't win anything, at least we had a good time." Then they announced they were going to raffle the super 50/50 winner. Mya and I had split a ticket.. so we got our ticket out and were staring at it... then we heard... "The winner is, Mya and Sheri......." WOW!!! We JUMPED UP; she was in complete shock.... I grabbed her shoulders and screamed in her face... "Dude!! We won!!" and we hugged for like EVER. We won a BIG (seriously like, a huge cardboard check) for $5800, which we're splitting, we each went home with $2900. We were in SHOCK, everyone started hugging me (which I'm not supposed to do, ah well!) and everyone was so excited for us. What an incredible moment. I still can't believe it.

     On the way home, Mya summed it up in the most amazing way (as we were driving past this awful stench of a dump.. ugh!) She said, "Sheri, just think where you were one year ago today." That thought was amazing. Last March Chemotherapy, a poor diagnosis, to one year later, the grand prize winner at a function like this... I never dreamed I would be living my life again so quickly. I am so thankful for every minute of every day, and I am so thankful that we won such an incredible thing last night.

     All I can say is that I am bringing my family to Kohl's tonight, and getting everyone their spring sneakers.. : ) That means the world to me.

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