Journal - March 30, 2009 (Monday) Day +261 : Living It Up In Lincroft
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Journal - March 30, 2009 (Monday) Day +261

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Well it's been a while since I've updated! Last Monday, I had my normal doctor’s appointment, went through the regular blood work and all that jazz. But that night at around 6, the doctor called and said that he didn't like the results of my white count, that they had dropped by about half of what they were two weeks prior... which is not good. At all. So instead of waiting two weeks to go back, he said he wanted to see me in one week, We left it at that, but Lucien and I were on complete edge all week wondering why the counts had dropped, and if they were still dropping... two questions which I still don't have answers to right now.

     So I went again this morning, just had blood work done and left. So I'm really on edge now, waiting to see if the phone is going to ring or not, and boy I sure hope it doesn't. I'd like to know why the white count dropped though, maybe because I'm still sick with this head cold. I'm not sure, but it's not a settling feeling. We're so on edge to see what happens, but trying to remain hopeful that things are okay.

      So that's really about it for today, things were crazy only because of our nerves about my blood counts, but Sunday we had a wonderful family day... it was absolutely fabulous just to spend the entire day as a family. Now I think I'm going to decorate for Easter! I'll update if I hear anything about the blood results!! (But I hope I don't hear anything!)

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