October 12, 2009 (Monday) : Living It Up In Lincroft
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October 12, 2009 (Monday)

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Hey everyone! I can't believe fall is here, and the leaves are falling. I can't believe I've been home for over a year, and how almost normal things seem these days.

    The doctor gave me 4 weeks off from going to see him for blood work, which is a huge milestone of sorts. I think part of the *real* reason though, is because he is on rounds in the hospital until next week and it's a pain in the butt for him to have to come to my checkups... ha-ha... so I lucked out. I'll probably get to go to every three weeks starting next time which still is better than every other like it was.

     Last week I had my appointment with the OBGYN. I had a regular checkup, which he thinks will probably come back a little abnormal due to what I went through, but that we shouldn't be totally alarmed by that either, that we should expect it. He was shocked to hear what I went through, since I haven't been to him since right after the baby was born. He looked over my bone density scan results, and started writing all over the paper, circling things and writing notes (I'm assuming this was not a good sign) because then he looked up and said, "You know you have Osteoporosis right?" Wow... what a way to find out!! I mean, I had a hunch that I did, but to find out so bluntly was still shocking. Basically, I have the bones of a 70 year old... so I have to be very careful or I can easily break or fracture a bone. He ordered blood work, and when those results come back, we'll put those with the bone density numbers, and come up with a plan of treatment. I think I can't get anything aggressive like Boniva (you know, the Sally Field commercial), since we don't know how drugs like that would interact with the meds I'm already on, so it will probably be dietary supplements, exercise and physical therapy. Only other medical news is that next week I also have to get three flu shots... yay. I'm not happy about this!!!!

    I have been going crazy selling things on the Internet, Lucien parted with some equipment, and I sold some things we could live without on Ebay which helped to a bill or two last month. It's really rough right now, and we're just trying to do anything we can to pay the bills... everything from selling things, to extra hours, to cutting services.... even the kids Halloween costumes. We thought of the cheapest thing... rock stars!! Adrian wants to be Ringo, so all he needs is to use one of Daddy's wigs, some drumsticks and he's good to go! And Luciana is going to be a punk rocker, with her pink leggings, beaded jewelry and a microphone, all things we have already! Desperate times call for desperate measures!! But the munchkins will never know : )

    This weekend my parents and my brother came down to visit, which was awesome. It was so needed to have a weekend of laughing, gaming and constant fun. What a stress relief to forget about the bills, the craziness, everything. We really needed it. I have a really good feeling that this week will start to bring positive things and be as stress free as possible. Things have to turn around sooner or later, and it can't be any later than today : )

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