September 24, 2009 (Thursday) : Living It Up In Lincroft
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September 24, 2009 (Thursday)

by Sheri Nocelli on 06/14/13

Time for an update! I know it's been so long, but as usual things have been crazy. So much has been going on in life, and medically, so it's really just been consuming so much time to take care of everything around here.

     Last month I started getting my immunizations. Since my bone marrow transplant, my blood is actually my donor’s blood, and has grown from the little amount in one IV bag to fill my bloodstream. So, this blood is fresh, I'm basically a one year old (okay, maybe 13 months?). Just as any infant needs their immunizations, I do too. And it's horrible!! You'd think that after everything I've been through, I might be a little better around shots... not true! Didn't happen. I am permanently and forever petrified. My doctor actually was very sly with me, and didn't bother to tell me that I had shots until I went in for my checkup, which was great because I had no time to worry about it really. The first three I got were Haemophilus Influenzae Type b (Hib) Vaccine, Hepatitis B Vaccine and Pheumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine... and there were tears... many! I'm at least able to now warn the nurse (although they know I'm coming... I got a reputation!). I tell them, "I need a private area to do this, I need to recline or lay down, I'm going to cry, it's not you, don't stop, just please do it fast and get it over with.." then I cry like a little baby and go home miserable! I had to return a week later to get two more, which were Tetanus and Diphtheria Vaccine and Polio Vaccine... yup, same routine, cry and go home miserable.

     I had to also make a separate appointment with my OBGYN, who I haven't been to since after Luciana was born, and I have to bring to him my bone density scan results. My oncologist slipped a little, and said, "I want you to make an appointment with your OBGYN to talk about how to treat your Oster..o.. I mean low bone density." SO.. I take this as ... I think I *do* have Osteoporosis. We shall see, I will be going to that appointment next week. He was also pretty concerned... and kinda freaked out by the horrible crunchy sound my knee is still making, and making louder each week.. I think he called it a Crepitus sound or something like that... it's great, he gets all tweaked out whenever I bend my knee... I get a kick out of that!! So unfortunately I am still awaiting answers on the knee, we don't know exactly what is causing the cracking in it, it doesn't hurt, it's just "really not right" as my doctor put it..

     Life is nuts! Adrian started the 1st grade, which is an adventure in itself. He has some rocky moments, but so far he's doing much better than he has in the past years, so I do have a really good feeling about this school year for him. Little Diva, Luciana is ruling the castle with a vengeance. Everything is "hers", she's bossy, rude, in charge and a princess all at the same time... oh, and she's only 2. I don't know where in the world she inherited all that from.. :::bows head in shame:::::

      Lucien and I have been working like crazy on his new album EvoLucien. So far, even I'm blown away by it. I'll routinely sit back, listening to play back after a session and just be awestruck by the songs. The artwork is coming along as well; this is a big project for me. It's a concept album, with a 24 page booklet.. So to go along with all this is a lot of artwork, mostly in pointillism to depict the images he is painting with the music. I'm really excited to see the final product.

       So, things are moving along, it's been crazy, with all the shots, the knee, the bone density... but at I'm happy to be home and happy to have the opportunity to live this crazy life! I take all of these things in stride, because it sure is a long way from where I was a year and a half ago.

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