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Book Review: A Compelling Read "Life, Love... Leukemia" by Stacey Jones 
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The Two River Times
Article: October 2008 
Beatlemania Cast Comes Together to Benefit Leukemia Patient
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The Navesink Journal
Article: November 2008 
Beatlemania Concert Will Benefit Lincroft Leukemia Patient
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Asbury Park Press Reporter
Article: November 2008
Beatlemania Takes Stage to "Help" Young Mother
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Lincroft Village News
Article: November 2008
Beatlemania Concert - Nov 8 - To Benefit Middletown Leukemia Patient
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The Red Bank Orbit
Article: November 7 2008
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Middletown Mike
Article: November 6 2008
Beatlemania Concert - Nov 8 - At Middletown High School South Click Here

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The Two River Times:
October 17, 2008
The Navesink Journal:
November 2008
Asbury Park Press Reporter:
November 2008
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Lincroft Villiage News:
November 2008
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Yes, Sheri, there IS a Beatlemania — and they’re playing a concert in your benefit Saturday 
night in Middletown; a Beatle-themed fundraiser going on around Red Bank this weekend.

By TOM CHESEK      November 07, 2008
At 24 years old, Sheri Nocelli is way too young to remember the Mop Tops on Sullivan. Heck, she’s too young to remember Paul McCartney’s movie Give My Regards to Broad Street, which is arguably a blessing. Still, the mother of two, musician and local business owner has a soft spot for the Beatles — as well she should, since she married one.
Sheri and husband Lucien own and operate Lesson Laboratory for Musical Instruction in Lincroft, and among their other happy projects are an original music act, 5-year old Adrian and 1-year old Luciana. They also happen to both be involved in the current touring production of the perennial crowdpleaser Beatlemania — Sheri as stage manager, and Lucien as none other than John Lennon.
Don’t accuse Sheri of being the Yoko figure here, since her recent circumstances have served to draw the Beatlemania team closer together rather than tear them apart. Last March, Sheri was diagnosed with a rare form of Acute Myeloid Leukemia — so rare, in fact, that there have been just 40 documented cases on record. For the young Lincroft resident, the past eight months have meant extensive chemotherapy, extended hospital stays, a bone marrow transplant — and the surreal medical bills that come with such an optimized level of treatment.
“Recovery is slow, and there are so many bumps along the way,” she explains by e-mail. “I am suffering from some minor Graft Versus Host Disease, where my body and the new cells are fighting each other. The medications have a lot of side effects, too, like severe joint pain and weakness — I can’t take care of my kids yet, because of the germs and that they’re too heavy for me!”
Everyone from the Nocellis’ family and friends to their business clients and fellow members of Lincroft’s Church of St. Leo the Great have made much-appreciated contributions of money, time and supplies, contributions that have allowed Sheri to focus fully upon her recovery.
Wanting to do something helpful that would attract the attentions of people from a wide cross section of the community, the St. Leo’s congregation called the boys back to action — we want the Beatles.
As a result, the national touring company of Beatlemania will be appearing Saturday night at Middletown High School South on Nut Swamp Road. It’s a full production which, if you recall the show’s smash Broadway run, places its cast in detail-intensive “Ed Sullivan suits,” silk Sgt. Pepper uniforms and “exact Abbey Road apparel.” The two-hour show offers spot-on recreations of Beatles material that ranges from the cheerful chirp of their earliest singles to the ambitious, genre-smashing gotterdammerung of their final studio masterworks.
Don’t expect Sheri to take this all in from the sidelines. She intends to join her husband onstage as opening act for the evening, with a spotlight on songs from Lucein’s self-released disc Deal With It.
Tickets for the 6:30pm show are priced at $30 and are available online, at the door prior to the event, or at local locations Jack’s Music Shoppe, Monmouth Music and Lesson Laboratory for Musical Instruction.

The Red Bank Orbit:
November 7 2008
Middletown Mike:
November 6 2008
Beatlemania fundraiser Nov. 8 at Middletown High School South

By Middletown Mike      Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Beatlemania concert fundraiser will be held 6:30 p.m. Nov. 8 at Middletown High School South Theater, 900 Nut Swamp Road. The event sponsored by Church of St. Leo the Great, Lincroft section of Middletown, will begin with an opening act followed by a two-hour Beatlemania show.

The fundraiser is for 24-year-old Sheri Nocelli, Lincroft, diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and recovering from a bone marrow transplant. She and her husband, Lucien, tour with the Beatlemania production, with Sheri as stage manager and Lucien portraying John Lennon.

The fundraiser will also feature raffles, door prizes and concessions, and all proceeds benefit the Nocelli family. Tickets are $30 each. For tickets or more information, call Lesson Laboratory for Musical Instruction at 732 889 4321 or visit www.BeatlemaniaStageShow. com.

The Lincroft Village News
July 2013
CM Magazine - August 2013

Swimming River Life Magazine
August 2013
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